Polite casual assent

While searching our database we found 1 possible solution for the: Polite casual assent crossword clue.This crossword clue was last seen on June 2 2024 New York Times Crossword puzzle. The solution we have for Polite casual assent has a total of 5 letters.



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Free from opaqueness; transparent; bright; light; luminous; unclouded.
Free from ambiguity or indistinctness; lucid; perspicuous; plain; evident; manifest; indubitable.
Able to perceive clearly; keen; acute; penetrating; discriminating; as, a clear intellect; a clear head.
Not clouded with passion; serene; cheerful.
Easily or distinctly heard; audible; canorous.
Without mixture; entirely pure; as, clear sand.
Without defect or blemish, such as freckles or knots; as, a clear complexion; clear lumber.
Free from guilt or stain; unblemished.
Without diminution; in full; net; as, clear profit.
Free from impediment or obstruction; unobstructed; as, a clear view; to keep clear of debt.
Free from embarrassment; detention, etc.
Full extent; distance between extreme limits; especially; the distance between the nearest surfaces of two bodies, or the space between walls; as, a room ten feet square in the clear.
In a clear manner; plainly.
Without limitation; wholly; quite; entirely; as, to cut a piece clear off.
To render bright, transparent, or undimmed; to free from clouds.
To free from impurities; to clarify; to cleanse.
To free from obscurity or ambiguity; to relive of perplexity; to make perspicuous.
To render more quick or acute, as the understanding; to make perspicacious.
To free from impediment or incumbrance, from defilement, or from anything injurious, useless, or offensive; as, to clear land of trees or brushwood, or from stones; to clear the sight or the voice; to clear one's self from debt; -- often used with of, off, away, or out.
To free from the imputation of guilt; to justify, vindicate, or acquit; -- often used with from before the thing imputed.
To leap or pass by, or over, without touching or failure; as, to clear a hedge; to clear a reef.
To gain without deduction; to net.
To become free from clouds or fog; to become fair; -- often followed by up, off, or away.
To disengage one's self from incumbrances, distress, or entanglements; to become free.
To make exchanges of checks and bills, and settle balances, as is done in a clearing house.
To obtain a clearance; as, the steamer cleared for Liverpool to-day.

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